Brokerage Services

TBSL aspire to be one of the leading Brokerage Houses of the country. To pursue the goal, we have dedicated all our endeavors in developing a solid trading infrastructure. Being founded upon the urge to be the market leader, we have already taken some big strides towards success by establishing spacious trading floor, female trading booths, multiple VIP Trading booths for managing all electronic orders through Telephone, Internet or Emails.

Institutional help desk - Any institution or large investor can avail customized client service through a separate institutional help desk.

Female trading booth - Trust Bank Securities Limited established separate female trading booths to facilitate trading for women investors. Our expert female traders are capable of executing your trade efficiently.

VIP trading Booth - Institutional or big-ticket clients need isolated trading booths to execute their volume trade orders with appropriate confidentiality. To keep these requirements in mind TBSL has established separate VIP Trading booths in every outlet.